Inka Kozłowska

lovayoga - Inka Kozłowska

Inka often says that „ yoga is a smile, it is kindness and wisdom, it is a light within”.

Inka made friends with yoga in 1999. Since 2004 she’s been teaching Iyengar yoga. She is a certified yoga teacher, with an internationally recognized diploma, grade Intermediate Junior I, issued at the Yoga Institute in Pune, India, which enables her to teach yoga all over the world. For many years she’s been a member of the Polish Iyengar Yoga Association. She is the only teacher in Poznań with such a certificate, which ensures impeccable standards in terms of professional competences and integrity of teaching methodology.

She she’s been perfecting her practice under the eye of master B.K.S. Iyengar and his son Prashant Iyengar at the Yoga Institute in Pune and on courses with Gabriella Giubilaro (Italy) and Corin Biria (France), Rita Keller (Germany), Lois Steinberg and Manus Manuso from USA, and in Poland with the best senior teachers: Jurek Jagucki, Konrad Kocot, Prof. Lesław Kulmatycki. Many years of teacher training and postgraduate studies „The Psychosomatic Yoga Practices” improved her knowledge of yoga and how to teach it. Teaching yoga is her joy and passion. Because of many years of practicing and teaching yoga she developed a holistic approach to people practicing yoga, understanding of their limitations, but first of all an ability to discover the potential of the persons just starting their adventure with yoga. She is a warm person but sometimes also requiring. She believes in people and their abilities. She loves watching the progress of her students.